The 11 Best Halloween Colored Contacts for 2023

The spookiest Halloween time of the year is almost upon us! What better way to finish off your outfit than with some colored contacts? Whether it’s a subtle creepiness you’re after or a full-on scream-inducing look straight out of a horror film, this 11 Halloween contacts that can transform your outfit from tepid to terrifying.

If you’re daunted about wearing contacts, you shouldn’t let that put you off of the look of your dreams. You might feel them on your eyes temporarily, but the sensation soon fades and you can spend the rest of the night looking like you just stepped out of a nightmare. If you’re worried, our website has all the info on how best to protect yourself and the lenses.

But don’t worry – we've put together a list of the hottest trends in Halloween cosplay contacts for you so you can focus on perfecting the rest of your spooky look. From blood-red to eerie yellow and everything in between, here’s the best cosplay contacts to make sure you’re winning the Halloween costume contests.

1. Twilight Red Volturi Vampire Contacts

Twilight Red Volturi Vampire Contacts

Twilight is having a renaissance this year, so we had to make these lenses the top of the list. With beautiful deep red melding into a black-rimmed edge, these contacts will have you looking like the merciless, bloodthirsty vampires the Volturi prided themselves on being.

We’ve thought of every detail: the black edging adds depth and realism to the lenses that’s rarely seen with colored contact lenses, while the red is made up of several different hues to make your eyes look like they’re sparkling and ready for your next victim. You’ll be a member of the Volturi family with these lenses.

2. Whiteout Halloween Contacts

Whiteout Halloween Contacts

Are you thinking of going for a ghost or zombie theme this year for your Halloween outfit? Perhaps being a mummy, or fallen angel is on the agenda? Then you need to complete your look with these Whiteout lenses. They completely take away all of the color of your irises, leaving nothing but your pupils – so creepy!

Scaring your family and friends, or making the neighborhood kids jump will be easy once you have these contacts in. Just wrap yourself up in bandages or some old, ripped clothes and you’ll have the best Halloween outfit in a few easy steps.

3. Blind White Cosplay Contacts

Blind White Cosplay Contacts

If you want to take the white-out vibe a step further, then you need these Blind White contact lenses. They get rid of not only your irises but your pupil as well, giving you a milky-eyed effect that’s bound to scare the hell out of everyone that dares to cross your path.

While you might not have the best vision when you’re wearing these, they’re perfect for any undead photo opp or Halloween party. You could also pair the lenses with some incredible makeup to create a fallen angel vibe or undead royalty – a look that’s bound to catch everyone’s attention.

4. Twilight Purple Vampire Contacts

Twilight Purple Vampire Contacts
Not feeling the scary vibes? Don’t worry, we have you covered if you’re wanting to go for something more subtle. These Purple Vampire lenses are super versatile for all kinds of different Halloween outfits, from mystical fortune-teller to regal elf, to a delicate fairy.

These black-rimmed lenses look realistic enough that you could make them work for an everyday look, but still add enough mystery and drama to any Halloween outfit you’re planning on wearing this year. These lenses would also be great if you’re around kids this Halloween – they're not too scary but they’ll still be fascinated with the new color of your eyes!

5. Blind Black Cosplay Contact Lenses

Blind Black Cosplay Contact Lenses

Feeling devilish this Halloween? Then these Blind Black lenses will be perfect for you. Like the white-out lenses, they leave your eyes completely black and empty – perfect if you’re looking to dress up as a devil to make everyone around you scream with terror. With these lenses you’ll bring the nightmares!

Some other ideas that these versatile lenses would work for would be anything possessed – maybe a clown, or a doll – or a more general spooky villain. Whatever scary idea you decide to go for, you’re guaranteed to make a spooky splash with these finishing off your Halloween outfit.

6. Green Cat Eye Contacts

The cat look is a timeless Halloween outfit, whether you’re needing to dress up in a hurry or perfecting your Catwoman look. If your outfit is too low-key at the moment, these lenses will take the vibe to the next level and finish off any outfit for even the most time-poor Halloween partygoer.

With the beautiful green hue of the lens, you’ll be the prettiest kitty cat of them all at the Halloween parties this year. Add some blood or gore to make the look take a sinister turn, or take a trip to Wonderland and dress up as the Cheshire Cat.

7. Blackout Cosplay Contact Lenses

Blackout Cosplay Contact Lenses

Take your outfit up to next-level creepy with the Blackout lenses. Similar to the Blind Black lenses, these leave your natural pupil color intact so you can get the blackout look while still having good vision – perfect if you want to get all of the spookiness but still need to drive to the party.

The blackout look would work perfectly with any sort of devil outfit, another go-to look that’s tried and tested for Halloween revelers. If you’re feeling more adventurous you could take any possessed vibes to the max with these lenses, or keep it ghostly and ghoulish to scare your friends.

8. Red Crack Zombie Cosplay Contacts

Red Crack Zombie Cosplay Contacts

Are you looking for the perfect lenses to finish off your zombie or patient zero outfit? These Red Crack lenses will give you the creepy, insane look you’re after. Cosplay your favorite zombie film or TV show with these lenses that mix a blood-red background with creepy black lines to make your eyes look like you’re straight out of the ground, or running about in the apocalypse.

The lenses also mix in some streaks of yellow, so they’d also work great if you’re looking for something to match with a werewolf costume. Pick these up so you can get back to howling at the moon!

9. White Mesh Halloween Lenses

White Mesh Halloween Lenses
If you’re recreating a cosplay look for a character with white eyes or looking for a scary twist, these are the lenses you need to make the look perfect. The best part? You can still completely see out of these, so you can scare the night away with your friends or family.


The mesh look adds another level to white-out lenses, pairing texture with spookiness. You can look as completely creepy or ethereal as you like, depending on the vibe you want to pull off this Halloween. We can see this with a possessed demon or beautiful fairy – the options are endless.

10. Crazy Blood Splat Zombie Contacts

Crazy Blood Splat Zombie Contacts
You’re bound to be the envy of all the Halloween revelers with this set of lenses. The gruesome blood splatter creates a gory effect that looks like you’ve just stepped out of the ground zero hospital, or even if you’re going for a subtler Halloween outfit this year anyone will instantly notice your super creepy eyes from across the room.


Whether you’re hunting for your next victim this Halloween or just looking to give the neighborhood kids a scare, these Crazy Blood Splat lenses completely cover your natural eye color to give a spine-chilling effect. Warning: may induce unstoppable screaming!

11. Envy Yellow Halloween Contacts

Envy Yellow Halloween Contacts

A truly unique set of lenses, the Envy Yellow has a distinct mesh overlay that blends with a lined black edge to make it look as if you’re about to escape into the digital world. These would work fantastically for anyone looking to cosplay a character from Cyberpunk 2077 or Blade Runner.

Easy to apply and super detailed, these lenses will take any outfit you’re wearing this year for Halloween to the next level. These lenses would also pair well with any Halloween outfit that has a beastly vibe to it, whether it’s a cat, werewolf or general feral look. Awoo!

Whether you’re looking for something that’s spectacularly spooky or that gives you a subtle edge to your outfit, there’s a pair of Halloween cosplay contacts that will finish off any look you want.

Our full catalogue has the hottest trends and high-quality lenses for your terrifying or magical Halloween costumes this year.