Sharingan Contacts

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We all love to watch Naruto as it was one of the most awesome childhood anime. From childhood, we all wanted to look like Sasuke, Itachi, or Kakashi. As they were the coolest characters of Naruto or any other anime. Their awesome Sharingan eyes always intimated the enemies and looked cool at the same moment. If you are a Naruto fan and want to fulfill one of the fantasies to look like an Uchiha. This is the perfect chance for you. Wear these Sharingan contacts to COMICON, Halloween, or any costume party. You will be the center of attention. These Sharingan eye contacts are the perfect match for any anime event.

The main feature of Sharingan contacts is the black ring surrounding the lens which is near the cornea. You may also observe three or four half-moon-shaped dots. Like the real character, the Sharingan contacts are red but there are some differences depending on the character from Naruto.

There are different types of Sharingan cosplay contacts. The Itachi Uchiha Sharingan contacts come in a set of two lenses, one iris is white and the other iris is blue, also containing three false pupils presenting think black lines which feel like they are rotating around the pupil. The Kakashi Sharingan eye contacts have thin lines of white and black which rotate around the real pupil. The iris of Kakashi eye contact is white with only three false pupils. The most popular Sharingan contacts are Sasuke Sharingan lenses which have a red iris and small lines featuring at the top and bottom of the lens. Sasuke was one of the most powerful characters from the Naruto series with the passage of time he also possessed Rinnegan's eyes. The Rinnegan contacts have a spiraling design. They also have a smooth pattern which makes them comfortable to wear.

These Sharingan cosplay contacts are the perfect match for Naruto lovers. If you are going to a Naruto party or Naruto conventions, these Sharingan cosplay contacts are a must-have. These awesome Sharingan contacts will not only grab the attention of anime lovers but also make you stand out by complementing your cosplay.

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20 products